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Meeting Antwerp World Diamond Centre with Stornoway regarding the ‘Renard Project’
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Kris Peeters, minister president of Flanders, and Ari Epstein, CEO of AWDC, discussed the possibilities regarding the first diamond mine in Quebec, Canada, with Stornoway, the company in charge of this project. Stornoway prefers the Antwerp market to trade their goods, AWDC reported.

Kris Peeters, Minister President of Flanders: “ We hope to obtain solid trade relationships and a positive outcome for both parties.”

Stornoway, a listed company of which the Government of Quebec is the main shareholder, obtained all the necessary permits to start with project “Renard”. First production is scheduled for July 2015. The mine is located 850 km North of Quebec and is estimated to provide 2 million carats on average yearly, over the next decade. Because the expected quality of the diamonds is very high, the estimated yearly revenue would approach approximately 328 million USD.

Ari Epstein, CEO Antwerp World Diamond Centre: “The highest level of professionalism is vital for the outcome of this project. Antwerp can bow on 550 years of diamond heritage, a wealth of expertise and no less than 1800 registered diamond companies. Antwerp can also ensure the best possible return for the Québec diamonds.”

Diamonds from the Canadian Ekati Mine and the Diavik Mine are already commercialized in Antwerp for many years.

Around 80 percent of all rough diamonds worldwide and 50 percent of all polished diamonds worldwide were traded through Antwerp. The turnover of the Antwerp diamond industry equaled 51,9 billion dollars in 2012.

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