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Inaugural Dubai Diamond Conference 2013 sets the agenda for the future of the diamond industry
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The Dubai Diamond Conference 2013 (DDC 2013), a Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) initiative, took place last week.   

Following a spectacular gala dinner attended by over 600 guests at the Asateer Tent, Atlantis The Palm, the closing session of the conference featured Dubai and GCC jewellery manufacturers and traders, Rough&Polished were reported at DMCC press office. Key topics of discussion included the changing luxury retail landscape, and the benefits and challenges of competing on a global scale for international high-end consumers.

In his presentation, Arnaud Flambeau, of Flambeau Luxury Trading DMCC, said:  

"With the number of high net-worth individuals worth $30m and more in Dubai expected to increase by 53% in the next 10 years, the Emirate's luxury retail market will only continue to grow. With its modern infrastructure, cosmopolitan culture, booming wealthy local population and high level of security and safety, Dubai has become more important than ever for all luxury brands, including diamonds."

Rihen Mehta, General Manager of Rosy Blue, echoed Mr. Flambeau's viewpoint, adding:

"The next logistical step in Dubai's growth as a diamond hub is to become a centre for jewellery manufacturing. Local companies that have benefited from Dubai's position between producers and consumers are now gearing up to manufacture their own high-quality contemporary jewellery, pushing Dubai into a new phase of growth."

Amit Dhamani, CEO and Managing Director of the Dhamani Jewels Group, gave participants an insight into consumer buying trends in the UAE: "The UAE is the highest per capita jewellery consumption destination in the world, with 80% tourists visiting the country buying jewellery during their stay. Most of our Chinese customers buy solitaires and know exactly what they want, whereas the majority of our Russian clientele make impulsive purchases. Retailers need to understand and cater to the buying habits of their diverse customers.”

Reflecting on the conference as a whole, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman of DMCC, concluded: "The inaugural Dubai Diamond Conference drew over 600 delegates and 28 distinguished speakers addressing critical aspects of the evolving global diamond industry.  Today's diamond trade is truly international and the conference roster was indicative of the increasing role the East is playing within the industry.  During the two days, we heard from the leaders of 19 diamond companies and financiers representing companies across the globe, ranging from Antwerp to Zimbabwe. "

"The public sector has an equally important role to play in ensuring a thriving diamond trade in the future. We heard from Ministers of Mines, the Kimberly Process, Ambassadors and Dubai's Assistant Foreign Minister for International Organisations, all of whom expressed their commitment towards facilitating cooperation along the New Silk Route. It was an honor to host such a diverse and insightful gathering that reflects Dubai's pivotal role in the New Silk Route."

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