Special Services
For Seller
For a diamond you want to sell, we will teach you how to sell them and list a variety of free services you will get
For Buyer
If you want to buy diamonds, we will teach you how to select the proper ones, and inform you the peripheral services you may use
Global logistics and China Diamond Import and export Services
If you want one diamond in South Africa , We will help you to import diamond from South Africa to China, and what you only need to do is to pay a certain amount of logistics costs.
How to use the platform
Present you all service functions we consider for you on the platform
Trading risk guarantee mechanism
We use third-party transaction guarantee mode for absolute security of your diamonds or payment.
7 / 24 Toll-free Customer Service
Our 7/24 no-time-difference services will have your problems resolved at any time
Global Diamond Inventory
Our global diamond inventory contains more than 90% of the world's diamond supply , and we would manually review the authenticity on a daily basis.
International diamond trading prices and market reports
Our professional financial analyst and diamond jewelry appraiser would make in-depth analysis to international diamond trading , and regularly release the latest market reports.
Diamond Lecture
DiamondChina often launches online diamond lectures, where you can learn about how to distinguish diamond grades and certificates
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