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Diamond China (China DiamondChina Group) is the first domestic diamond class B2C and C2C website, is designed for drilling industry e-commerce market. Is the domestic first "diamond trading platform" of the concept of fashion diamond mall.Implements 24 hours, bi-directional cross-regional, cross-border trade in services. Provides the public with a new diamond profits, consumption, investment and trade channel, and can quickly sold for profit. Successfully solve the diamond industry the traditional model of circulation is overmuch, link tariffs as serious problems.



Diamond China for the user to create the global coverage naked drill inventory search function, its search data from Antwerp, tel aviv and Bombay diamond supply center, etc. In addition, diamond in China also has a solid ground and all-round support services, including trade agent, customs clearance, logistics, and payment services, such as integrating online advantage.

Nowadays, diamond investment has become a darling of investors. But the current diamond to liquidate short of facing a difficult dilemma. And the biggest characteristic of diamond in China namely "an account, two kinds of identity", users can both buyers and sellers.As long as through the China platform to upload diamonds information can be added to the global diamond library, through the diamond trading platform can directly and buyers deal in China, provide effective security diamond circulation channels, help you convenient access to diamond investment income; Give priority to provide you with convenient secondary flow.

Diamond in China will provide users with the perfect shopping experience: the user when the choose and buy, we will have 24 hours online customer service to provide users with professional consulting services. Full of diamonds and diamond industry analysis of the latest information, let you get twice the result with half the effort when the choose and buy the diamond!

Diamond prices, online mall is cheaper than entity shop, so the buyer the actual purchase price may be lower than Shanghai diamond exchange in wholesale prices 10% - 60%! And every production of a diamond's beauty zuan all follow the international appraisal standards, reached the international standard strictly, please peace of mind.

Diamond trading platform in China to provide all-weather, the whole process, all-around humanistic, integration services, including trade supervision of funds, diamond x24 hours 365 days different hosting service, import and export customs clearance, professional transportation, etc., so that each individual member (professional and nonprofessional), a member can fair fair, safe and secure here in diamond business.

The diamond also with professional express company in China, to express all the diamond trade insurance, to ensure the safety of diamond trade of goods, let users worry-free!

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